The visible, sensorial and body-mind-emotion plane of human existence is fairly well understood. But there are other factors in play in the Universe. The subconscious, superconscious or unconscious (as it is sometimes referred to as) is an essential and integral part of the whole. When we step out of the narrow confines of the body-mind-emotions plane we enter the spiritual realm.


A child in the subconscious realm is naturally privy to spiritual knowledge. However, it needs to blend that with what is required in the human journey. Hence the parents should explore or revisit their personal connections with the wider aspects. This will be the gateway or conduit for the wider vision in the child.


MONTH 1 KALALA – Reconcile with your Parents any childhood issues weighing heavily on your mind. Express gratitude and forgive unconditionally

MONTH 2 GHANA – Seek Blessings of your ancestors who are the base for your life and also your child’s

MONTH 3 ANKURA – Embark upon a discovery of spiritual concepts and self realisation through your mentor or family member upon whom you have faith

MONTH 4 ASTHI – Learn any one form of meditation and practise the same regularly. In absence of a mentor or proximity to classes use flame meditation method. Avoid learning from books or videos

MONTH 5 CHARMA – Revisit your old memories through photo albums etc and make peace with all events in your past. Be in gratitude and acceptance.

MONTH 6 ANGAJA – Start a scrap book of life. Put in pictures that depict your desires, thoughts, pains, pleasures, likes and dislikes, failures and success, friends and foes.  Contemplate on how each of these have contributed to make you

MONTH 7 CHETANATA – Scriptural Learning – Chose a scripture which is fundamental to the spiritual essence of your culture; like the Bhagavad Geetha if you are a Hindu. You can seek guidance from your mentor or indulge in self study

MONTH 8 BHAVANA – Use prayer beads to count your breath. You could use chants if you have been initiated. Else use your own affirmations. Focus on the silence between your chants as you pass the space between the beads

MONTH 9 UDVEGA – Reflect daily upon your pregnancy as a spiritual experience. Prepare for child birth meditating on your baby and giving up all fears and anxieties. Use notes or affirmations to root your focus to child birth and parenting



Devotion is the area where a human being’s full potential can best be displayed. An person or object of devotion is carved out of oneself. I make the ‘other’ from within ‘me’. The process of expressing duality out of unity is the recognition of the highest in myself ! What else can be a better way of being connected with the whole world, universe and cosmos.


The child in infancy and in the womb, is aware of this. The parents should enable a smooth transition when the child becomes a part of this brick and mortar world and has its own conscious mind to function with.  The best ground for that is when the child is in the subconscious state. Hence the deification or objectification process becomes a uniquely human construct. No other species has this ability !


MONTH 1 KALALA – Crystallise your intention for child birth with a deity or a devotional icon

MONTH 2 GHANA – Invite the chosen Deity into your child’s energy patterns with regular and sincere prayer

MONTH 3 ANKURA – Engage in religious and cultural practises without anxiety or bias

MONTH 4 ASTHI – Read to your baby, stories relating to your chosen deity.Do not attempt to make these moral lessons

MONTH 5 CHARMA – Listen to Hymns or songs in praise and adoration of your chosen deity

MONTH 6 ANGAJA – Chanting and invocation. You can learn these chants related to your chosen deity from religious texts

MONTH 7 CHETANATA – Understand the deeper aspect of your religion and culture

MONTH 8 BHAVANA – Define devotion to your baby by setting an example. 15 minutes of supplication and communication with your chosen deity along with your baby

MONTH 9 UDVEGA – Reaffirm to yourself that this baby is an incarnation of your chosen deity. You could use a note book to write your affirmations.