Babies are sensitive- no doubt.  All human beings have 5 senses – of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. The more variety we experience through our senses, the more is our human experience. The exposed, the senses also teach us discernment and sensitivity. These in turn feed our emotions and thoughts. Hence to make our human life more fulfilling and enriching, we need to cultivate the senses.


In our hurried life styles, we often miss the subtleties. This is one of the casualties of modern city based lives. If we rekindle the sense of fineness, subtlety and imagination, we can enhance our experiences. The sensorial development activities are towards that direction.  Tastes, smells , touch are revisited and often create new experiences !





MONTH 1 KALALA – Focus on textures, smells and tastes in the kitchen/house

MONTH 2 GHANA – Focus on touch and of  feel smooth textures : slick, silky, soft and slimy

MONTH 3 ANKURA – Focus on touch and feel of rough textures : bumpy, scaly, coarse

MONTH 4 ASTHI – Focus on smells : fragrant, and fruity

MONTH 5 CHARMA – Focus on smells : minty and citrus

MONTH 6 ANGAJA – Focus on smells : nutty and woody

MONTH 7 CHETANATA – Focus on tastes: bitter and pungent

MONTH 8 BHAVANA – Focus on tastes : sweet and sour

MONTH 9 UDVEGA – Focus on tastes : salty and astringent