A child in the womb gets food and nutrition from its mother via the umbilical cord and placenta.  Do you know that it may take about 15 to 20 days from the time of fertilisation (Zygote formation) to the implantation of the embryo on to the wall of mother’s uterus? Thereafter the placenta/umbilical cord mechanism develops. The baby lives for this long without food – because it brought a nutrition bag from day 1. In other words, the baby has enough knowledge to take care of itself, it knows its journey and what will happen. As the baby develops in the womb, it develops its own organs and flexes its limbs. As the day of delivery comes about, the baby turns in the womb to place its head around the cervix/pelvic bone. It does a delicate manoeuvre of turns/twists and comes out of the birth canal. This happens in all of nature – especially with Mammals. Surely speaks of physical abilities and intelligence!


There is another popular notion that if the mother’s nutritional needs are taken care of during pregnancy, it will take care of everything else. The point to be reckoned is that we need to recognize that physical development is not only from or because of food and nutrition. Professor Vivette Glover, of the Imperial College, London makes the following observations in the course of an interview on the role of prenatal and perinatal stress/ trauma and the impact on unborn and young children. This is a clear indication of how the wrong kind of education (or the lack of it !)  and learning impacts the child in a negative way. The consequences can surface at any time during the course of life.


There is a sanctity and a natural order in childbirth as seen in creation. However, human beings have moved too far away from nature, almost forgotten nature! Pregnancy is a golden opportunity to revisit our natural roots as procreation is a pristine natural act in itself! As the mother reconnects herself with Mother Nature, the child being a seeker and learner, automatically picks up the nuances and feel of nature via the mother. And Mother Nature in turn will bestow her best on the Child. This happens as a combination in the physical, mental and epigenetic realms. Quantum Entanglement is an accepted scientific reality and hence the interconnectedness of all beings is reflected via nature. Hence, we get back to the roots!



MONTH 1 KALALA – Focus on Nature with relaxed breathing



MONTH 2 GHANA – Gardening – outdoor or indoor with pots



MONTH 3 ANKURA – Use Natural Scrub for your daily bath



MONTH 4 ASTHI – Follow nature movements with your body – like the swaying of trees



MONTH 5 CHARMA – Eat without anxiety and mind talk to your baby about what you are eating



MONTH 6 ANGAJA – Use hand gestures while communicating with your baby



MONTH 7 CHETANATA – Grind sandal bars to make paste



MONTH 8 BHAVANA – Use Facial Expressions when communicating with the baby



MONTH 9 UDVEGA – Walk on green grass bare feet for 5 minutes everyday