Babies in the womb have been filmed while kicking a needle inserted into the amniotic sac during amniocentesis. A baby in the womb has survival and experiential intelligence. Intellect is the ability to frame a response to a given stimulus or situation. It is commonly known that if more facts and information are made available, the quality of decision is likely to be better. The key here is to create access to any information. As we all know, the method of seeking helps in getting required information faster and access better quality information. Hence if the mother takes up intellectual tasks during pregnancy, the child picks up those patterns and abilities.


Language, Numbers, Sequences, facts, figures, curiosity – all trigger the intellect. These set of activities done by the mother – sharpens her intellect even if for a short while. But the child learns the deeper underlying patterns and makes these a part of its innate skill set for life.





MONTH 1 KALALA – Subliminal Sama Veda chants – use an authentic Vedic chanting audio file and play it before you sleep allowing it to continue through your sleep time. Do not use ear phones.

MONTH 2 GHANA – Learning a new language : preferably a classic language that is foundational to your culture; like Sanskrit if you are an Indian

MONTH 3 ANKURA – Enrolling for a short term course on child development or parenting. Do not chose subjects like embryology or gynaecology that could portray the challenges of pregnancy

MONTH 4 ASTHI – Learn a new science: choose one  that helps you understand an essence of life

MONTH 5 CHARMA – Appreciate a new philosophy: chose ONE book, author or teacher to follow and read.  Topic should be rooted to your culture

MONTH 6 ANGAJA – Geometric drawing: you can learn these from sacred geometry books or use spirographs. You can also look through a kaleidoscope for 3 minutes every day

MONTH 7 CHETANATA – Listen to Classical Music : 15 minutes a day preferably instrumental

MONTH 8 BHAVANA – General Puzzles and riddles. Make sure that they are not too difficult or they begin to strain you

Do these for 5 minutes a day and communicate with your baby mentally while doing them.

MONTH 9 UDVEGA – Sudoku and Maths Puzzles. Do these for 5 minutes a day and communicate with your baby mentally while doing them