The understanding of a child in the womb as being sentient and the prenate-infant being human is a relatively new understanding for us . The fact that these children operate in a realm which is not where the conscious minded adults operate is another new facet in our understanding. The entire vista of subconscious and superconscious learning and that it happens in the case of prenates and infants is something new for mankind.

As we evolve and learn more, the dynamics in these areas will be better understood. It is well known that many of the concepts which are being worked upon by modern scientists are areas which have been effectively dealt with by ancient Indian scriptures and seers.

PRENATAL AND INFANT EDUCATION  definitely holds a strong promise for a great future career.You can begin your career as a guide, volunteer or mentor.


Today, preschools are the entry level institutions for children when they leave the confines of home to begin formal education. At this age, the child’s conscious mind is still taking shape. The final blooming and the pruning thereafter will happen to firm up the mind. Hence preschools taking up prenatal and infant education is very natural.

Teachers being aware and sensitive about the   process of making of the conscious mind of a child are in a better position to understand and groom the child. Many of the patterns and tendencies which a child will start exhibiting in preschool will show up in more prominently in later life. A teacher who is aware of this can start helping the child to develop its innate talents and skills. At the same time, it will empower the preschool teacher to spot learning or behavioural difficulties/disorders right at inception and alert parents about them.