A human being is creative by design. We need to nurture the basic design to enable children to do and experience their best in their respective lives. Hence take to creative tasks during pregnancy. Culturally mothers and mother’s to be took to knitting, crotchet work and the like which not only made good apparels for a newborn as also kindled the creative instincts in the child while in the womb. Creative patterns are arrangements and rearrangements. A new pattern often emerges from an old process. Hence using earthy, common place items easily found in homes and neighbourhood, creativity can be induced.


We need to sow the seeds to the soul blossoming in the womb and in its infancy. They pick up the patterns of unique, creative and distinctive abilities in their subconscious moorings.





MONTH 1 KALALA – Start a small size Cross Stitch job : choose a geometric design and use VIBGYOR colours.

MONTH 2 GHANA – Recall an Art or Craft; chose a skill that was taught to you by family or teacher when you were young.

MONTH 3 ANKURA – Cooking: Be connected with your baby as you cook, explaining in detail through mind talk, all the sensorial experiences you are having.

MONTH 4 ASTHI – Arrange and Re arrange objects : do this once a day- either a book rack or a wardrobe

MONTH 5 CHARMA – Begin Colouring: Do this for 15 minutes with soothing music in the background. Use a colouring book or your geometric drawing

MONTH 6 ANGAJA – Relearn to play with Toys and Dolls: Revisit your childhood and engage in imaginative play. Teach your baby constructive playing skills

MONTH 7 CHETANATA – Story Telling session:   Story to be read out by a family member with hand placed on the mother’s belly. The mother should close her eyes and imagine the story

MONTH 8 BHAVANA – Use natural clay to make basic shapes and structures. Do not mould faces or figures of humans or animals. Shape cutters or moulds can be used

MONTH 9 UDVEGA – Finger Puppets: Make a set of finger puppets and use them to introduce family to the baby. You can use the puppets any time of the day when you spend alone time with your baby