When you play with a baby, it is learning from you in two different ways.  It uses all its five senses to learn what is on the exterior but the more powerful learning is an internal learning that happens all the time. When you interact with the baby, the baby can actually look into your mind. 
Yes , babies are mind readers!!!

There are 9 aspects of your thoughts that the baby absorbs like a sponge. These impressions that the baby takes in forms the structure of how it will develop its own conscious mind when it reaches around the age of 2 or 3 years. The 9 aspects of each of your thoughts that your baby absorbs are:
1] The emotion of the thought
2]The prioritisation structure – value given to the source of data
3] The source of the thought – tendency patterns that gave rise to the thought 
4] The source of the tendency pattern 
5] The thinking process put in place for that particular thought to be expressed
6] The factors that went into the thinking process
7] The filtering process of data that form the input for the thought
8] The physical and emotional reactions that are manifesting as a result of the thought  
9] The people of the situations that the thought it
We are bombarded with around 2 million bits of data at any instant of time. Since we have a probability filter in place we process probably 40 to 100 bits of the data. A baby does not have a filter in place as soon as it is born. It learns from the adults how to prioritise and on which basis to filter data; how to process it and there after how to express it. Infancy is the time when it is creating the structure for a conscious operating mind. 

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