Little babies develop internally and externally like the prenatal children. However, in the case of infants,
parents can see and perceive the external changes. Adults (including parents) tend to get carried away by the overwhelming ‘cuteness’ of a baby’s external form and achievement of milestones like smiling, turning , crawling etc. . 

This, however, often leads to an unintended neglect of the internal facets of the baby. Internal development expresses through external milestones. Internal development includes development of  reasoning, emotional processing, conscious mind development, thinking structures, belief and value systems, self-realisation and attachment bonding. External manifestations are physical, social, emotional and intellectual milestones, responsive behaviour, cognition and reactions.


Omnio Infancy Programme educates and empowers parents to support and participate in the holistic development of  their infant. It covers all aspects of internal development and guidelines to external expressions. 

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