Infancy is a period of Super Learning. Every impression sealed in an infant forms the basic programming code upon which the experiences of life then get expressed. Rightfully, Infancy has the potential to define / redefine human life. Apart from preconception and pregnancy stages, infancy is a golden opportunity for parents to co create the destiny of their child.

Participating in Infant education is not only rewarding but highly satisfying for a parent. Unlike the preconception and pregnancy period, in infancy parents receive feedback from their baby and the interaction becomes a very sensorial transaction. Parents therefore remain motivated towards activities and repetitions are also comes without effort since the baby can give a different reaction every time. Infant education helps to convert the parent and child nature bond to a more evolved attachment bond.
Nature bond is the instinctive parenting sense that is triggered in parents upon giving birth to a child. It is often mistaken to be “love”. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the minds and emotions of the parent and is crucial for the survival of the baby and existence of the human race.

Parenting based on nature bond is helpful for parents during infancy until the child is around 6 years of age. To continue effectively in the role of parenting, a role which demands dynamic change along with the age of the child, parents need to evolve into intentional teachers and create an attachment bond with their baby. In the long term, attachment bond is the most essential factor that can assure a successful and peaceful parenting journey.

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