While parenting an infant, it is very essential to know about the milestones of development that children achieve from birth to 3 years. Some of these milestones are physical, social, emotional and intellectual. Most parents are aware of these milestones and many others take guidance from external resources.
Factors important to take into consideration before using milestone chart
1] There are powerful processes that happens in the internal development of a child. Milestones are the expression of the subconscious progress and internal development of a child.
2] Parents have a participatory role in the achievement of these milestones in a child’s life. In fact, parents can help by encouraging the child. For this, it is important to keep a record of the child’s developments regularly.
3] Parents who are well informed about milestones tend to get anxious about their baby of they find a delay in achievement. Expectation that leads to anxiety really does not help the parent nor the child. Careful observation is an important part of Infant parenting as long as it does not lead to anxiety and comparison

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