Does it ensure I get a Super Baby?
Parents and other connected family members can impart “Human Life Education” to the child growing in the womb. Fundamental questions such as –  Who am I, Where have I come from, Why am I here, Where Do I go , What do I need?- are also to be addressed here.  Such learning can and does being even before Conception.  Prenatal and Infancy Education will make learning holistic for the child and prepare it with conducive patterns and templates for the rest of life. Ancient Bharatheeya scriptures spoke of it; now Modern sciences have also come to this understanding. 
Does Prenatal Education guarantee a Super Baby of my choice?  Prenatal education is not a super baby or genius manufacturing process. Just as a regular school with teachers, management, books, timetable, curriculum cannot ensure a child will secure first position, so it is with prenatal education. The process helps parents to facilitate learning. Learning is an occurrence and happens on its own. Facilitating this is the responsibility of Parents, Family and Society.
                                                      This is the essence of Prenatal Education!

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