There is no physical connection of the child with any other person including the father or grandparents. So what role can the father play ? Father, for sure, participates in the process of conception.

Once pregnant, the mother carries the embryo and foetus in the womb. She connects with the child physically, through the umbilical cord and placenta. It is well known that the mother is the channel for physical movement of food/ nutrients and waste disposal for the child.
HERE IS AN IMPORTANT POINT – The Child in the womb is capable of connecting through physical and non-physical means. In our lives, we may not be able to touch and feel the non-physical means, but they do have a process and cause an action or reaction. For eg.- We cannot see or touch the waves and frequencies which connect and operate through a mobile phone – but we all know that they enable us to talk with another person(s) in remote locations! So is it with TV viewing or FM radio channels.
Carrying forward the example of FM radio, we know that the FM channels picked up first are the ones which powerfully transmit signals. Less powerful or weaker channels are more difficult to pick up. In the same manner, those who connect powerfully with the Child can communicate and interact with it. The Father, has played the role through conception – contributing 23  chromosomes which form the basic information network to create the child. The mother has contributed another 23. They are equal partners.
Even though there is no physical connection of the foetus with the father, there is connection through strong energy currents, carried as waves and frequencies. Hence throughout the 9 months of pregnancy and thereafter, father continues to play an important role – in the total development of the child in the womb ! It is a link which is causal and unbroken. Energy from the father forms a
foundation for the child.
Is it possible for the influences of father to be more powerful than the mother for the child in the womb?

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