The primary channel or conduit for educating a child in the womb is the Mother. But – how do operations happen through the mother, how does she become the channel? 

Mother plays a key role forging other connections for the child in the womb. That is through her Mind!
Mother’s mind act like a virtual TV screen on which captured images and impressions are played. The Foetus/Child in the womb, accesses the Mind of the mother continuously. It is just as if the baby is lying down on the bed and watching what is happening on TV ! All images played on that TV – be it news, serials, movies, reality shows or sports – are within the viewing and experience range
of the child.
Hence, the child gets the imprints of what is happening in the mother while she watches a Cricket
match or Saas-Bahu serial! Any experience and thought of the mother which may be captured on the screen – be it laughter, horror, tears or wonder – get relayed to the child in the womb.It is continuous and direct.
Just imagine what is being conveyed to a child through our lifestyles including gadgets – TV, Mobiles, Laptops and all other devices and means. It is for this reason that ancient cultures always emphasised that a pregnant mother should remain happy, cheerful and peaceful so that such images could be picked up by the child in the womb! Very often, cultural practices are laden with a deeper
meaning, which may not be obvious. 
Couples/Parents who are enrolled for the Omnio Prenatal Course will recall that we have advised
moderation and discretion to be practiced by the pregnant mother. The rest of the family should support the efforts of the mother.
Mother plays another important role – she becomes the conduit or a channel that others can also access! Hence, apart from the mother, the child also links up with everything external – be it the family, relatives, society, environment and all!
This may look like an indirect channel, but everything has a role and purpose!   

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