The child is sentient and observes right  from the time of conception. It takes in inputs through the mother, father, environment in the womb  and outside environment.

The Mother carries the Baby in her Uterus or the womb. The baby is physically connected to the mother through mechanism of Placenta/Umblical cord. This enables the two way movement of food, fluids, blood, hormones, chemicals and such other matter. These are well known to us and it is easy to comprehend that this exchange between the baby and mother is physical – however the signals and communications exchanged may be electrical, chemical, magnetic etc. A huge and continuous knowledge transfer is thus happening between the two.

What is less known that the Father continues to remain connected to the child when it is growing in the womb. The signals which are exchanged between the baby and father are not physical. They are in more subtle forms of waves and frequencies. In fact this is the way other family members , members of society and the Universe at large connects with the baby. The baby receives and also gives back signals to them. It is a two way process here also.

We all know the Gross or Physical – Science now helps us understand and appreciate the Subtle or Non Physical forces and energies.

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