As a baby grows in the womb through the embryonic and foetal phases, the physical growth is a well known and understood fact.

However, many other aspects also grow along with the body. Some of these are the Feelings, Attitudes, Thoughts , Emotions, Intelligence, Memory, Immunity and the like. Some of these could be due to Hereditary factors or Genes. The effect of Heredity is also subject to outside influences – this is the revolutionary progress achieved through the Epigenetic Sciences.

What is more important is that not everything is predetermined. There are many things which are observed, learned and  inculcated into itself by a child,  as it grows. A true miracle of nature is that as cells divide and specialise, they also  begin to work and do their duty. Heart cells start working very early even before the full heart is made ! And such active work state helps in better formation of the final product !

The learning at the Prenatal Stage  is the Fundamental or Formative Learning of a child. This will mould its physical, mental and emotional characteristics upon birth, growth and the full course of life. 

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