When a Zygote is formed by the union of a Sperm and Egg,  a new Human Being is made ! This being develops to become a society or colony of about 50 trillion cells ( 50 lakh crore cells ) !!!

As the cells divide and multiply over 9 months, they also acquire many capabilities. They become organs, tissues and components . This is specialisation !

How do they acquire these capabilities ? Where does this knowledge come from ? This was presumed to be a God given thing or a natural process. With the progress in science, particularly Genetics,  for many years it was believed that the Genes from the Parents decided everything . Hence, it was thought that the process is predetermined and cannot be changed or reversed.

Today there is ample evidence that this is not the case. The baby takes inputs from many sources. Genes are one. The Genes themselves could be changed due to other inputs ! So who controls this ? Epigenetics seems to answer – this  is above or beyond the genes !

The baby is a leaner – it can and does take inputs / stimuli from the genes and from other things . The learning of babies  therefore happens in many ways- and it is not linear or simplistic !

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