There is a Golden Period in the life of every Human Being comprising of the period of Preconception, nine months of Pregnancy and two years of Infancy. This period is now extolled World Wide. “Rishis, the ancient seers of India, prescribed a set of 16 actions called Samskaras to be undertaken at critical points in the course of human life. Nine of these, including three before physical birth, are to be completed before a child reaches 2 years of age. This period maps completely to the Golden period of 1100 days.”


Prenatal Education is the process through which parents, family members or mentors facilitate learning about human life to the unborn child within the womb of the mother. In fact this could begin even before conception of the child.

Is this possible? Yes. Both scientific research and spiritual teachings confirm this. Prenatal education empowers the child with lifelong knowledge.

Omnio Future and EMBED Campaign Prenatal Education has its roots in Garbha Sanskara as given in Ancient Indian scriptures. The effect of the Garbha Sanskara is on the child in the womb.


Infancy is a period of Super Learning. Every impression sealed in an infant forms the basic programming code upon which the experiences of life then get expressed. Rightfully, Infancy has the potential to define / redefine human life.

Apart from preconception and pregnancy stages, infancy is a golden opportunity for parents to co create the destiny of their child.

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